Saturday, March 28, 2009

What the Duck!?

On Thursday I noticed that a boy kept walking past the reference desk and glaring at me. Since the boy never uttered a word, after the third time he passed the desk I put on my big smile and asked, “Can I help you find a book?” The following is the conversation that took place after my question.

Boy: Crosses arms, stares through me, and speaks icily. Did you give it back?
Me: Give what back?
Boy: The duck!
Me: What duck? Are you sure you’re not confusing me with someone else?
Boy: Sighs loudly. Were you at Children’s Literature Fest with Cynthia Lord?
Me: Yes. Well, no. I was there and I did help. I introduced her. Why?
Boy: I SAW you carrying the duck after we left.
Me: Of course I gave it back! That was a gift to her. I’d never take someone’s property.
Boy: Our class did a lot to get that.
Me: It was a great present, I’m sure Ms. Lord loved it. Did you see it at her autograph table?
Boy: No. But you gave it back.
Me: Absolutely!
Boy: OK. Do you have any books on Star Wars?

The strange thing about this whole conversation is that the festival was over four months ago and I was only visible to the crowd as I introduced Cynthia Lord (that took all of 25 and a half seconds)! I guess he’d been worried for quite some time…


  1. OH, I'm sorry he was concerned about it. :-)

    YES! I have that duckie on my duckie collection shelves. I love that duck, and seeing it always reminds me of everyone I met at the festival!

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