Monday, April 13, 2009

What is This That I Hear and Do Not See?

I admit I’m a bit of a book snob. I want the book physically in my hand and to read it with my eyes and my imagination, not with my ears. However, I just finished listening to my first audio book, and I LOVED it. I chose to listen to Suzanne Collins’s Gregor and the Marks of Secret, read by Paul Boehmer. While I am enamored with Collins’s writing already, I like it even more when it is performed on this audio book.

I decided to listen to the book in my car, usually when I was going to or coming from work, so I finished it within a week.

I like how Collins creates suspense in her written works by leaving the reader dangling at the end of each chapter. When I read the first three books, I was always promising myself one more chapter, then reading five more just to find a place that didn’t leave me wanting more, which usually didn’t happen. The audio book does the same thing, particularly between discs. I kept the car idling to squeeze in one more sentence of the story.

Since I have to have the physical book with me, I found it a bit of a challenge to keep up with the plot. I would find my mind wandering and have to back up the CD. I don’t think that the mind wandering was because the audio book was boring, but rather because of my inexperience at LISTENING to a book. Eventually, I figured out how to retrain my brain, and now I can drive and see the action in my head (without being a road hazard!).

While my review of the book is probably similar to that of the Overlander review, I just felt that the audio part of the whole experience was more important. Now I feel as though a whole new chapter (ugh, sorry about the bad pun) has opened in my book life. More importantly, I wonder: where can I get a gig reading books out loud and get paid for it?
Rating: 4 pages

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