Friday, March 13, 2009

A Day in the Life of This Children's Librarian

I decided to do my own Day in the Life since Abby (the) Librarian and GreenBeanTeenQueen did theirs. However, I am going to do my most INTERESTING day, which is the third Wednesday of the month.  I think this day is the most interesting because it has so much movement.  I am out and about the library and the community.  It is a busy day, but I love it!

9:30am - Arrive at work, check e-mail, write nametags for the 1, 2, and/or baby story times

9:45am - Go over story time books and make notes for performance

10:00am – On desk. Questions include:
-Can I get more books about (topic)? My son/daughter enjoyed that topic today.
-Where are your 300 lexile books?
-Can you help me find a princess book?
-I need superhero books.
-Where are your Caldecott books?

10:45am – Prepare for 3-6 story time. Arrange room and set up books for check-out after program.

11:00am STORY TIME!

11:45 – Clean up after story time

Noon: On desk again

1:00 – Lunch

1:30 – Prepare for book club. Get games and interactive stuff ready.

2:00 Back on desk. Questions include:
-Where are the Mark Twain nominee books?
-What is next book in the Ember series?
-Who wrote The Tale of Despereaux?
-Can you help me find (insert title) in the young adult section?
-Where is the Wii?

3:00 Drive to elementary school for book club, set up book club stuff

3:30 Begin book club

4:30 Clean up after book club and drive back to work

5:00 File reports for story time and book club, work on desk

6:00 Time to go home

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  1. Haha-Where is the Wii. So true-that and the princess books are pretty much an everyday question!
    I nominated you for an award!:)