Saturday, March 14, 2009

Satisfied Saturday

I just finished reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld and I now have in my possession Pretties and Specials, which I will probably devour over the weekend.

While I thought Uglies was too slow to start out with and I found some of the characters a little too dull, the book did pick up during the last half and really started to hold my interest. I liked the juxtaposition between the Smoke and the City(s), but I think that the book could have started with Tally being black mailed by Special Circumstances and it would have been just as good (Westerfeld could have worked in “what it is like in the city” during Smoke time).

In any case, now that I need to find out how The Smokies trick the Specials and if the cure works, I have my reading cut out for me.


  1. You're a better person than I. I gave up at Uglies.

  2. I NEED to know about the brain damage--the love triangle I could take or leave.