Tuesday, March 17, 2009

High Flying Fun

I went to my parents’ house this weekend and, of course, my dad dragged me away from my books and "made" me help with a kite flying event. Since my dad is an event planner for the parks and recreation department in my home town, I get the pleasure of "helping out" during such events.

It was pretty fun to see all the children trying to get the kites to stay up and to watch the parents try to keep the children from getting the kites in a tree. However, the tree won twice.

So, now that I have witnessed all the fun, I’m thinking that SGCL needs to have a kite flying day. I’m wondering how well that would work in this city. It could be very pretty to have more than a dozen kites dancing in the air next to the library. Maybe I can do the event as part of our summer reading program when we “Get Creative.” The ideas have begun to pour in.

Check out pictures of the Mexico, MO event here: http://www.mexicoledger.com/news/x1683626995/Lets-Go-Fly-A-Kite

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