Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Christmas Magic by Lauren Thompson

Pages: 34     
Ages: 3-6
Publication: Already Available
Illustrated by: Jon J Muth

The Christmas Magic is a fun book for younger children to read when Christmas gets close.  The book focuses on Santa Claus and how he knows when Christmas is near.  Thompson does a wonderful job of giving specific details as to what Santa's house looks like and how meticulously Santa works to ready himself for his biggest night of the year.  

So, how does Santa know what to bring all the children of the world?  How does he get the reindeer to fly?  How do all those toys fit on the sleigh?  And most importantly, how does he deliver all those toys in one night?  The answer is right on the cover of the book. Even adults might want to believe again after reading about how much love goes into everything Santa does.

Jon J Muth beautifully illustrates Thompson's story with bright colors and insightful paintings. Children who can't read yet, or just like to add to the story will be able to look at the illustrations and find new things each time.  I also like how Muth eschews the fat, jolly, and red Santa for a character more like the French Father Christmas.

In this book, the pictures and the story create a Santa full of love, magic, and giving, which might be just the right way to introduce a child to Christmas.

Rating: 5 Pages 

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  1. A note of thanks from the author!

    Thank you for your insightful and appreciative review of my book. It sounds as if you really "got" what I was trying to convey. As in almost every book I write, the underlying message to children is, "You are loved." Don't we all need to know that?

    Enjoy your holidays!

    All best,

    Lauren Thompson