Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter's Tail

Pages: ?
Ages: 4+
Publication: Available

Winter's Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again (
picture coming soon) is a wonderful book and true story about a little dolphin that survives a big ordeal.  When Winter gets caught in some traps meant for other sea animals, she begins struggling and ends up more tangled than before.  Thanks to a watchful fisherman, Winter is rescued and sent to a facility where she can rest and repair.  Winter was lucky to be alive, but had a tough journey ahead.  Her tail was too damaged and fell off, leaving her unable to swim.

This book chronicles Winter's journey from tangled and mangled to happy and healthy (minus a tail).  While it is a short book, it is full of meaning for those who read it.  Nature loving children will like the real life photos of the brave dolphin, rescuing children will like to know how Winter was helped, and other children will connect with Winter's hardships while she learns a new skill.  In short, the book will appeal to all kinds of children (and adults, too!).  

I especially like the part of the book where winter gets a prosthetic tail and people with prosthetics begin to come and see her.  It is nice to know that animals and humans can bond over something so tragic/magic.  I also like the technical aspects that are included in making Winter's tail.  The book gets pretty specific, but not so in depth as to be daunting.  

I think that this book could be a great addition to several classroom lessons as well as a inspirational tool for parents/guardians.

Rating: 4 Pages      

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